ENGAGE: How Do I Engage The Power of the Other?

Engage the power of the other by reaching out to your coach and to those around you who can help you grow and reach your potential.

Henry Cloud’s book “The Power of the Other” (2016) cites examples and research to prove that we can all go further and reach higher with someone else spurring us on! Remember that this works both ways, the power to pull down is real too. Be sure to choose wisely. Identify the people in your life who pull you up and help you reach higher!

This entire program is built on the belief that we are only able to achieve our greatest potential with the help of others. We believe you will reach further and go farther with your parents at your side. Work together! And continue to engage your coach as you move forward.

Print this and list the people who you can count on. Make notes about what “superpower” they bring to your life. What ways do they help and encourage you? Mostly, it’s important to remember you are not alone in this journey! ENGAGE with the people in your life who help you grow!

My Power People

Download for your notebook.
Discuss with your coach and parents.

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