You’ve worked hard to get your child to this point. You’ve loved them, nurtured them, and cared for them in ways they may not realize or appreciate until they become parents themselves. We want nothing but the best for our child, but often what we want as parents is not always what is best for them. At the same time, since the stakes are high, you can make yourself (and your child!) a little nuts. We. Get. It.

Now, more than ever, we need to understand it’s not about us. Yes, we’ve suffered long, supported, encouraged, pushed, pulled, and loved them in every direction, but now it’s their turn. It’s time for them to take what they’ve learned and make their own commitment to a vocation, the military, college, or technical school. And, as it should be, these choices, their choices reach far beyond our own personal gain and pleasure. As you begin navigating these conversations, it’s helpful to start with a clear picture of who each of you are. Gaining a common understanding gives perspective.

Note: All of the courses and the lessons within each must be completed in order, and you can’t go on to the next until completing each in succession.