EQUIP: How Do I Empower Success?

We All Want Our Kids to be Successful!

We want them to avoid the mistakes we made and help them make great decisions. While it’s tempting to do everything for them, wrap them in bubble wrap and walk in front of them clearing the path ( a subject we’ll talk about in the Engage section), we need to get out of the way and EMPOWER them to be successful!

In this section, we are giving you information to support the tools they are learning in their coursework. Be sure to look at what they are learning and use this section to help you navigate empowering them to use those tools. Remember, we can’t do it for them, but we can help and guide them. Emotional Intelligence, Change Management, Decision Making are just a few resources these courses aim to equip them with. You can help them along the way by supporting them in using these tools! Don’t ENABLE, EMPOWER!

Don't Enable. Empower!

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