About Us

How We Got Here

The Student Career Path Planning Program is the perfect tool when you want to plan for your life after high school or college. The program was born when we, as passionate career-transition coaches based in Charlotte, NC, began recognizing the lack of resources available for our own high school and college-age students in developing direction and clarity for their future.

As professional career coaches, we’ve excelled in helping hundreds of adults who have struggled with lack of vision and direction. They have successfully utilized the tools, resources, and personal coaching in this program to change the trajectory of their careers and reach their goals.

We believe that a strong career path begins with self-awareness and personal development. We’ve researched and worked to bring our decades of collective experience and proven tools to a student level through the Student Career Path Planning Program. We understand the multitude of current options, needs and struggles students face today.


Because the future of our students is tightly intertwined with parenting, we’ve also developed tools and coaching to equip parents on this journey. We help you make sense of the many conversations between here and there, and we equip you to navigate the unknowns with your student. Side by side, you will make quite a team!

We are confident these courses and coaching conversations will provide the support parents and students need as they explore the road ahead together.