EQUIP: How Do We Communicate?

Communicating Well Is Critical To Success!

Communication is crucial in all areas of life, and there are so many different ways to communicate! We use spoken language in conversation, and written words in emails, texts, resumes, and even the old-fashioned letter in the mail. There are also body language and facial expressions, emotions, and tone of voice.

Mastering communication is a key to success!

How do you communicate? How can you use strong communication skills to listen to and understand your student, AND communicate so they’ll actually listen?! How can you help them build their communication skills?

In this generation of email and text and a lack of face-to-face interaction, our students are losing the critical communication skills necessary for success in life and relationships. Use this course to understand what they need to know, what you might not know, and how to build stronger communication between you in the process!

Let's get started!

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