The Student CareerPath Planning Program provides unique resources to help students make mindful decisions about their professional future.

We help you:

  • Save Money Later by Investing NOW! Reduce student debt by making better, more informed decisions about college and majors.
  • Choose beneficial educational experiences during high school.
  • Develop valuable “soft-skills” like communication and emotional intelligence.
  • Learn to have productive conversations about expectations for the future.
  • Learn valuable career skills like resume development and Interview skills.
  • Connect with coaches to gain new perspective and insight.

Choose 1 of 3 Possible Routes to the Future

**For 2 or more students, contact us about a Family Discount.**

The Student CareerPath Planning Program is here to help students and parents ask questions, think about, and discover the best plan for life after high school.

Just like your GPS may give you multiple routes to get to the same place, we know that you and your family may need to approach this journey at different times and in different ways!

We have 3 options for your journey.

Enter the On Ramp!

Starting in 7th or 8th grade gives everyone time to discover and develop at a slower pace.  It’s never too early to help develop your student’s confidence and awareness of who they are and what their natural abilities are.  This knowledge is powerful for your decisions about everything from activities to coursework and relationships!

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Jump on the Expressway!

Starting in 9th or 10th grade the program begins to focus on aligning interests, coursework and future plans.

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You're in the Fast Lane!

Joining us in 11th or 12th grade?  You’re starting to see decisions and deadlines ahead! Our coaches will help you use the resources efficiently and effectively so you can chart a successful route to your destination.

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Cool things people are saying about us:

Invest in Your Student's Future. Save Money Later by Investing NOW!

The Student CareerPath Planning Program Includes:

  • Self-Assessments & 360 Feedback for students & parents to connect together on
  • Career Interests & Values Assessments to inform career options
  • College Selection Resources to help you hone in on the right school
  • Valuable “Soft-Skill” Development, like communication and emotional intelligence
  • Career Tools including resume development and interviewing skills
  • Conversations with Experienced Coaches that facilitate new perspective and insight
  • Online Workshops with other students and parents on the same path

What sets us apart?

  • Resources that engage students and parents!
  • Self-Assessments, 360 Feedback, Soft Skill Development
  • Individual & Group Coaching and Online Workshops