What Today’s Employers Are Looking For…Got A Little Grit?

What are employers looking for in their future hires? We’d argue that grit is the number one trait that leads to successfully landing that job! Or even making it through college applications, acceptances, college major selection, and graduation!

But what is “grit”?

Well, psychologist and author, Angela Duckworth’s work on the science of high achievement indicates that “extraordinarily successful people possess the ability to keep trying in the face of failure or struggle, combined with a passion for their work and an eye toward their larger goals.” That’s grit!

We, at Student CareerPath Planning, believe that a student’s greatest measure of success is their grit – their ability to face and overcome difficulties (which are inevitable in life), a passion for their work (discovered by uncovering their skills, strengths, and passions), and an ability to identify goals and make a plan to achieve their goals. It has to do with the attitudes and patterns that shape us, our own persistence, and sense of purpose.

As Aaron Scwartz (Indeed.com) puts it, “People with grit are goal-oriented, purpose-driven and willing to put in the work to realize their dreams and become the best in their fields.” After reading that, don’t you want to be a person of grit?!

And there are so many people who went before us, who just ooze grit!

• Walt Disney was fired from his first job because he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas”? He didn’t give up and eventually built a cartoon dynasty, known worldwide.
• Steven Spielberg was rejected from film school 3 times! He persevered to become one of the most popular directors and producers in history.
• Elvis Presley was kicked out of the Grand Ole Opry after his first performance there. But he kept trying until he was signed with a major record label and went on to become a rock ‘n roll legend.
• Thomas Edison failed at inventing the lightbulb 1000 times! But he kept persisting and eventually succeeded! Can you imagine what life would be like for us now if he had given up?

What about you? What obstacles do you have to overcome? If you haven’t yet, you will face challenges and struggles in you life, in your vocational calling, and in your career. The question is… what will you do when faced with struggle? How will you respond to the challenges you face? With perseverance? With purpose?

Be a world changer! To do so, you need to develop your grit! Look to us to give you the tools you, or your student needs to face challenges, make adjustments, and move forward. We want to help…It’s part of out grit!