Enabling or Empowering?

“The entire arc of parenting is walking that balance beam between doing too much and doing too little.”

– LISA HEFFERNAN, Grown & Flown

From the time they are born, we want to help guide their steps. Before you know it, they are preparing for college and considering what’s next. How can you help guide these critical decisions?

We want them to avoid the mistakes we made and help them make great decisions. While it’s tempting to do everything for them, wrap them in bubble wrap and walk in front of them clearing the path, we need to get out of the way and EMPOWER them to be successful! Don’t ENABLE, EMPOWER! Help them discover who they are and who they can be!

Are you aware of ways you are enabling your student? What about the ways you are empowering them?

Questions to ask yourself as you consider whether or not you are empowering or enabling:

  • Am I helping my child with this because they need me to do it or is it because I want to do it?
  • Am I eliminating a learning opportunity or the opportunity to develop a new skill, by stepping in and doing this for them?
  • Is doing this task for them, more about me?
  • Am I trying to remove natural stressors from their life?

We can’t be with our student every moment of every day. We can’t guide their every move and decision. The reality is that stress and rejection happens, and your student is bound to face them at some point in their life. Equipping your child to handle these situations in the moment, rather than swooping in to immediately relieve their stress, will build resilience and determination. Our program will equip you to empower your student as they learn and grow into their future. It will also equip your student to make the important decisions they are facing around career paths.